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About Us...

The Grand Mesa Repeater Association operates two UHF linked repeater systems.

We operate several remotes linked to the Cactus Radio System (a private system) in southeastern Utah, and Western Colorado, and an Open system in Western Colorado.

The GMRA open system serves as the main communication infrastructure for Western Colorado RACES, ARES and SKYWARN in times of activation. In addition, the GMRA system also provides a secondary but highly utilized mode of communication for Garfield and Mesa County Search and Rescue personnel during missions.

Even though our system is open to all licensed amateurs, we highly encourage everyone who uses the system on a regular basis to become members of GMRA.  Members dues help curtail the costs of
maintenance and upgrades. 

Click here to read about our expansion into Garfield County.
System News

September 12, 2008
A new repeater has been installed on the Bald Mesa site just outside of Moab, UT. 
Bald Mesa is usable from the Colorado/Utah state line on I-70 and full quieting from Westwater all the way into Moab.  We are looking for signal reports south of Moab on Hwy 191 and west of Hwy 191 on I-70.

September 28, 2008
The Baxter Pass Site was visited for routine maintenence and numerous problems were found.  All things pointed to a near lightning hit.  The sites performance has improved remarkably and is probably functioning at about 85% of its capability.  Another trip will be made to finish the work after new parts arrive.
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